Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Day in Pucallpa

Our last full day in Pucallpa turned out to be by far our most exciting. We left the house before six in order to catch an autotaxi to the church plant sites outside of Pucallpa. Our trip ended at a police roadblock that was demanding our passports. Since neither of us had planned to leave the country that day we had left our passports securely hidden away in our rooms. We then got hauled off to the Campo Verde police station where we would get to spend the next two and a half hours. Dario (the pastor we had been living with) went back to Pucallpa and searched for the aformentioned passports. When we finally became free men again we continued our journey eventually visiting five church plant locations. It turned out to be a very productive day. A quick thanks too Dario Santa Cruz and his family who helped us out all week. We could not have been nearly as succesful without them.
Thanks for reading,
Ryan and Chadwick

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