Friday, May 15, 2009


After 17 hours of layovers and over 30 hours of travel Chad and I arrived in Arequipa Peru at 530 this morning. We went to the school were we will be studying for the next 3 weeks and also got to meet our host family for those 3 weeks. Our host mom is named Ursula and she will be takin good care of us and making sure we adjust to our new surroundings. We are both exctited at the idea of settling into the neighborhood and not seeing an airport or anything with wings for a few weeks. Thanks for all of you who made this trip possible.


  1. Hey guys - Great to hear that you have arrived safely! Now get some sleep tonight and don't embarrass yourselves too much playing soccer with the Peruvians!! :-)

    We'll be praying for you constantly while you are away and trust that God will bless your efforts - in language school and in your ministry.

    - Dad/Joel

  2. P.S. we miss you #3! Love you guys!
    Johnny, Joye & K-bob