Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peru Education: Midterm

HOLA! Chadwick and I just passed the halfway point in our language studies today. Tomorrow marks the beging of the downhill. Life is good here, today we had a very tropical lunch of salad, diomante fish, which we later found out was acutally shark, and is quite delicious. We finished with watermelon and then washed it all down with fresh squeezed mango juice. Our street smart education is also coming along. Monday we tried to make our first solo trip on the combi and micro system here. A combi is a small bus and micro is most easily described as a 20 year old minivan. We made it to the extreme office without much excitement. On the way back we boarded another micro that clearly said Venezuala avenue on the front, which is near where we live. The micro then proceeded to take us in the exact opposite direction that we needed to go. We took a LONG detour! A good example would be if you were in downtown boise and boarded a bus that took you to Kuna, while making 45 stops. When we got to the end of the line the drivers assitant politely told us we needed to get off. Chadwick and I looked at each other, shrugged, and did what anyone would do, we started walking. Literally five seconds later we heard the same lady calling out Venezuala Ave. We ran to catch the bus and got back on in time to ride the same bus all the way back. Back to the example; we had now taken the same bus all the way to Kuna, walked a block, and then rode it all the way back to the north end of Boise, which is where we really needed to go anyway. In all, it took about an hour and a half to make a ten minute trip. On the bright side, we got to enjoy the cramped micro for an hour and a half and Chadwick got to sit between a man who apparently annointed himself in aftershave and an aspiring singer. Life is good here, thanks for all your prayers and support hope all is well back home.

Ryan and Chadwick

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