Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Last Days in Arequipa

Alright folks, we had hoped to be off and on the road by now, but unfortunately that has not been possible. A small town on the road to Cusco has been maintaining a road block, keeping all buses from traveling to and from Cusco. The town in protesting the government's treatment of Indians and demanding the resignation of President Alan Garcia, among other things. As the prospects of President Garcia obliging them seems unlikely, and the determination of the town no longer in doubt, Chadwick and I have made plans to travel to Lima on Tuesday and head to the jungle city of Pucallpa directly from there. This week we made 7 church plant videos for future churches in and around Arequipa. Here are some pictures of where those future churches will be.

Thanks for reading,
Ryan (with editing help from Chadwick)

Note: these are not the ACTUAL locations only the neighborhoods that have been designated for a church plant. There are no current plans to plant churches in the middle of the street, as these pictures might suggest :)

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